The New Science of Healing | Dr Jeff Rediger, Harvard Medical School

What can people who unexpectedly recover from serious illnesses teach us about living better?Harvard’s Dr Jeff Rediger shares his insights into mind, body and identity.

In the history of medicine, we have almost never used the tools of rigorous science to investigate remarkable recoveries from incurable illnesses. But, Dr Jeff Rediger, a world-leading Harvard medic, has spent the last fifteen years studying thousands of individuals from around the world and examining the stories behind these extraordinary cases of spontaneous remission.

Dr. Rediger says, ‘The people I met on this fifteen year journey didn’t know how much time they had. They didn’t have the key to immortality. Nor did they cheat death. They sort forth with the mission to claim the life that was theirs for the time they had. In doing so, they healed.’

In this free livestream, Dr. Rediger explores the science of healing and applies his insights to the events of 2020.

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