Jenniffer interviews Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, a licensed physician, board-certified psychiatrist and faculty member of Harvard Medical School. They discuss his research into “medical miracles”, his passion for bridging the scientific world with the spiritual realms, and his life changing trip to Brazil where he observed healer “John of God” do surgeries without anesthesia.

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Dr. Rediger Speaks with Just Jenny


Dr. Oz investigates of spontaneous healing, the rare but very real phenomenon in which the body heals from illness without intervention. Learn what you can do to harness this astonishing power in your own life.

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Meet the man who says he can heal the sick with his faith. Is he the real deal? You’ll hear from believers and skeptics. Dr. Oz has Dr. Issam Nemeh demonstrate his work on the show. See what happens.

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Dr. Jeff Rediger traveled to Brazil as a skeptic, hoping to uncover the truth behind John of God’s controversial form of healing. See why he started to question what he believes.

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