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I am delighted to begin this conversation about it takes to create a life of flourishing health, vitality and happiness.

Medicine and psychiatry are skilled at halting the progression of disease, fixing body parts and preventing death. We can heal acute illness and fix broken bones like never before. As important and as impressive as this is, we need to move this to the next level.

We need a vision that helps you get back in the driver’s seat of your health and your life, that helps you and I feel the power within us for achieving vitality, happiness and health.

This is a big topic, as we will soon see. What I am learning from remarkable individuals – who have recovered from illnesses thought to be incurable – is that the principles that brought about their recovery are the same principles that create flourishing, happy and successful lives. These stories are changing my life, and my work as a physician. I hope that they are as helpful and inspiring for you as they are for me.

You are your own best medicine. We will explore exactly what this means, and what a scientifically-grounded medicine of hope and possibility looks like. I want you to continue to benefit from the Science of Disease that has matured over the course of the past century. But I also want you to benefit from what I am convinced is the future of medicine: a Science of Health and Success. This is a much larger, more holistic vision, and it is more about you. It assumes that you know things about your life and your body that must be factored into the equation, and it also elicits the higher needs and aspirations within all of us, both treater and treated. Again, thank you for visiting, and I look forward to moving this ahead to next steps.